9 movie recommendations

I just love movies. Period.
I can easily spend days just watching movies & short films and be at awe.
I can still remember so vividly the first time I went to the movies in Hämeenlinna. I was maybe 6-7 years old and the movie was the cartoon version of The Jungle Book. I remember the excitement that I had about going in to a big dark room where we’d watch a movie in silence and eat goodies, how fun! The movie theatre took me to a whole new world and I’ve never found anything like it. I can also remember how I dressed up as a grown woman would dress up according to my 14 year old mind. Which meant a skirt, a white shirt, a blazer and my mom’s glasses so I would look as if I was above 16 years old so I could see The Passion of the Christ. That cracks me up real good but the movie made me cry for about 3 hours. Funny how I never saw real effort to get into any bars before I was 18, but for the movies, anything darling anything!

We all know how sometimes we just don’t know what movie to watch next. So I thought it would be just fun to share some of the movies I’ve seen recently and feel like they’re worth recommending. Hope you find something to watch for this weekend! 

1. Donnie Darko
This one was my favourite movie for a looong time after it came out. I watched it again a few months ago and I gotta say… Damn I’ve been a smart and super dark kid. It’s old, it’s weird, it’s a classic.

2. The Matrix
This. Just. Never. Gets. Old.
Plus I feel like I took the red pill a while ago and there really is no going back.

3. The Black Panther
Does this really need any words either? Okay, the costumes do need a big ass HELL YES!

4. Call Me By Your Name
One of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen. I can still hear the fire burning and that magical light hitting Timothée Chalament’s face at the very end of the movie.

5. Blue Is The Warmest Color
A french movie about a girl who falls in love with another girl for the first time. So beautifully made, the colors, the feelings, the language and the piercing eyes. Manifique! It made me feel like I was 16 again when I was questioning my sexuality. Well who am I kidding, that happened this year too!

6. I, Origins
When you can find romance, science, eyes, spirituality and adventure all in one package, I’m sold.

7. Red Sparrow
I’ve always been a fan of Jennifer Lawrence. And seeing her kick ass in an intellectual action movie, say no more, just gimme the popcorns and a big screen thanks!

8. Annie Hall
The awkwardness in this made me squirm but the honesty of someone being themselves at all times to one another made me also feel inspired and somewhat hopeful about my future love stories. 

9. Whiplash
This was so an inspiring and also a bit sad. Shows you how hard work pays off but an obsession can ruin everything.  

With love, Arez

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